Lance PCH 150 Reviewed by


David Harrington at reviewed the all new 2014 Lance PCH 150, below are the qutoes for the 2014 PCH 150.

"Acceleration was brisk. No, make that quick. OK, how about positively zippy? Most scooters have a sweet spot. Some launch off the line, but are weak in the midrange. Others can pass traffic effortlessly, but take a while to get going. The PCH 150 leaves the line in a hurry and continues to roll the speedometer forward until about 50MPH. For the vast majority of urban use, the PCH 150 has acceleration on tap whenever you'd like it...."

"Handling is crisp and responsive. The PCH 150 is sportier than other scooters that look more the part. Maybe I wasn't pushing as hard as I usually do, or I was not leaning into turns as far as normal, but I didn't scrape anything until I hit a bump mid-turn when the centerstand touched. Countersteer into your line and the PCH holds it. Braking is up to the task with a more-than-strong-enough disc on the front and an adequate drum on the rear. I locked up the back one or twice, finding it less than easy to modulate, but the front brake was strong enough AND easy enough to modulate to make up for any weakness out back..."

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