Watch Cali Classic featured in independent short film - "Me You & The Road"


Watch the Cali Classic featured in Me You & The Road - a C&I Studios production.

Me, You, & The Road, slated to film August 26th through September 4th, 2011, is a story about two twenty-somethings who sell all of their possessions to travel cross country on scooters. The film is written, directed and produced, by C&I Studios, a non-profit media company based in South Florida.

Joshua Otis Miller, Director of C&I Studios, recognized the role the scooters played in Me, You, & The Road, and began approaching motorsports companies for a product sponsorship. Lance Powersports quickly signed on as the title sponsor, pledging the use of 2 brand new, yellow Cali Classic scooters for the duration of the filming.

Lance Powersports, based in Mira Loma, California, “is dedicated to supplying scooter enthusiasts with distinctive design and high quality scooters at affordable prices.”

Gene Chang, CEO of Lance Powersports, states, “It’s about personal freedom, living green, and the passion of riding the open road. We are passionate about scooters and offering the general public a high-quality, high-value alternative transportation, which not only helps people save money, but saves our planet as well…It was a natural fit for us to support.”

Miller states, “It is encouraging that a company from across the country understood the message of Me, You, & The Road, and was willing to help our studio make this story a reality.”

Jonathon Simon and David Miles, both in their late 20′s, are completely fed up with their lives, their jobs, lack of money, and lack of inspiration. They have nothing to show for their lives, and to fix their problem, they decide to sell everything they have and go on a cross country road trip, on 40mph scooters. Me, You & the Road is not the typical fun-loving road trip movie viewers are used to, but an art house film about the journey of two men, as they struggle to find their way through life, and what it means to truly live. The film is intertwined with subtle themes and complex life and relationship issues.

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Me You & The Road - Trailer from C&I Studios on Vimeo.