Introducing New Lance 200i - Featuring Fuel Injection Technology



Lance Powersports., today announced the all new 200i engine with Fuel Injection Technology for Cali Classic 200i, Havana Classic 200i, PCH 200i and Cabo 200i.


The powerful 169cc fuel injection engine is even more efficient than before, while producing excellent acceleration. The new fuel injection engine has a linear power feel that pulls through the power band delivering excellent acceleration and a sporty ride experience.


Also, all Lance 200i models featuring the CBS-Combined Braking System to maintain consistent stopping power. The CBS System allowing more advanced control of brake force. This provides a more sensitive distribution of brake force over both wheels. Another benefit of Lance’s CBS System, the brake force on both wheels is generated accordingly, providing optimum distribution and minimizing vehicle body reaction.


The new Lance 200i models, MSRP starting from $2,599. Please visit your local Lance Dealer near you for more information, or click the button below to find out more:



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