Lance Cabo 150 Scooter Review by Just Gotta Scoot!


Lance's latest aggressive sport bike - Cabo 150, recently got a reviewed by Just Gotta Scoot! Below is the quote from the review:

"No question of breaking the law during my top speed tests, the Cabo 150 managed 58 MPH GPS verified. A touch disappointing for a 150cc scooter. During the testing period I saw 80 MPG in fuel economy. To me, that's a pretty good number. There are several factors that make these numbers a bit off from what a Cabo owner is likely to see: the scooter was new and NOT yet broken in, I was running the scooter fairly hard and I weigh 220 pounds. AFTER break in, riding normally and with a pilot of oh, say, 160 pounds, I'd expect top speed to be a bit over 60 MPH and fuel economy to be closer to 90 MPG."

"Overall, I would say that the Lance Cabo is a notch or two better than other scooters in its price category and history indicates that SYM-built products will hold up well over time..."

"I like the Lance Cabo 150 scooter. It has excellent ergonomics, good suspension and storage and adequate speed and braking. I suspect it will prove over time to be reliable and have a low cost of ownership. At $2,299 it represents a terrific value in its class...."

2014 Lance Cabo Features:

For more information about the new 2014 Lance Cabo models, please visit your local Lance dealers.

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