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    Lance Touch Up Paint from Scooter Paint.Com packages the original color in a 2 Oz. Touch up paint brush n cap jar offered by itself or in a “kit” with the necessary 2 Oz. jar of clear coat and a 2 Oz, jar of primer if the damaged area reaches the metal or plastic. Jars of clear coat, (application required) are optional. Individual jars of Touch up Paint color, clear coat and primer are available.

    Some colors require one color applied on top of another for accuracy ( “tri coat”) so both colors are offered as a kit ONLY. These colors are identified in their respective application guides.

    Please double check the Lance Touch up Pain Color Guides for detailed lists of which colors go on which models. In addition to its brush application, 2 Oz. Touch up paint jars contain enough paint to use in a sprayer for repairing a small area.

    PLEASE follow the supplied directions to insure proper results.







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