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The Strength of Many. The Power of One.

Driving success since 2004
Based in Eastvalle, CA, Lance supports over 200 SYM and Lance dealerships, ensuring that the needs of both driver and dealer are accommodated throughout the sales process.

Every product sold in the U.S. depends upon this extensive network of dedicated professionals who align sales and marketing resources for our dealers nationwide.

An established company with growing popularity and recognition in the scooters market.

We’re proud of our dealer teams working at over 200 SYM and Lance dealerships across North America. As professionals, they work hard to help their customers have the most satisfying, most reliable and enjoyable experience possible.

Lance was quickly recognized as offering one of the top selling premium scooters, customer care support, and best value in the industry.

We strive to do more
How do we create some of the most reliable and safe products? It starts with our principles and management philosophy. We’re always looking for ways to improve our operations, always challenging ourselves to innovate, always improving each day in everything we do.

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