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Introducing New 2019 Two-Tones Colors for Cali Classic 200i & Havana Classic 200i

Lance Powersports., today announced the new Two-Tones Colors exclusively for Cali Classic 200i and Havana Classic 200i. The exclusive Two-Tones Colors comes with the following combinations:


Official Lance 200i Models Commercial Video Release

We are proud to release our new Lance 200i Models commercial video in high definition.


New Lance 24 Months Warranty - Unlimited Miles with tire to tire Parts and Labor Warranty Assurance.

Lance is devoted to safety and dependability, that's why we backed by America’s best warranty - Lance offers a 24 months, unlimited miles with tire to tire parts and labor warranty assurance. The warranty does more than give you peace of mind; it’s a commitment from Lance to maintain a high degree of quality, dependability & reliability.


Introducing New Lance 200i - Featuring Fuel Injection Technology

Lance Powersports., today announced the all new 200i engine with Fuel Injection Technology for Cali Classic 200i, Havana Classic 200i, PCH 200i and Cabo 200i.


Announcing Lance Student & Military Discount

Announcing Lance Student & Military Discount! Take $100 off your purchase on all Lance models. For detailed information about this special, please visit Lance Student & Military Discount Special Page...


Official Lance Soho 50 Commercial Video Release

We are proud to release our Official Lance Soho 50 commercial video in high definition.


Lance Soho 50 Review by Just Gotta Scoot!

JustGottaScoot reviews the elegant Euro-style Lance Soho 50, here are the highlights of the review: "SYM builds a very nice machine. Even in the "discount" line of Lance Soho 50, the level of quality is higher than one might expect..."


Watch the new Cabo video in HD

Lance Powersports today released the new HD video for the brand new 2014 Cabo.


Celebrating Lance 10th Anniversary - Save $100 on All Lance Models*

To celebrating Lance's 10th anniversary, is announcing a new special promotion - $100 off on all Lance Models. This promotion is valid for any Lance scooter purchased between - July 28, 2014 through Aug 31, 2014. For more information, please visit your local Lance dealers.


Lance Launches All New 2015 Soho 50

The Soho 50 offers elegant Euro-style with economical and practical transportation. With large 16” aluminum alloy wheels with amazing MPG and a smooth and quiet Ceramic-coated cylinder engine, the Soho 50 is the perfect urban transportation partner.


Lance Cabo 150 Scooter Review by Just Gotta Scoot!

"I like the Lance Cabo 150 scooter. It has excellent ergonomics, good suspension and storage and adequate speed and braking. I suspect it will prove over time to be reliable and have a low cost of ownership. At $2,299 it represents a terrific value in its class...."


Lance Unveiled the All New Cabo

Lance today unveiled the all-new 2014 Cabo performance scooter, including Cabo 150, 125 and 50. The all-new Cabo is designed to deliver a unique and compelling blend of aggressive sport athleticism and young styling refinement.


Lance Pleased to Announce the Launch of New Lance Website

Lance pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! This new site is the result of a lot of work done by our development team over the past 4 or 5 months. The new site is completely fluid, fully responsive and fits all types of browser resolutions. It also has a touch-friendly mobile navigation menu. By moving to a more client-centric layout, we allow visitors to access information based on their own choice rather than sift through everything to decide what is of interest to them.


Lance Announces Personal Financing Program

Lance Powersports is announcing a new consumer loan program to meet increasing consumer demand. In partnership with Springleaf Financial Services, customers can now get a loan quickly and easily to purchase the Lance scooter of their dreams.


Lance Announcing Student and Armed Forces Appreciation Discount Program

Lance Powersports, is announcing our new Student and Armed Forces Appreciation Discount Program. All active Student and Military personnel, including National Guard and Reserves, will be eligible to receive...


Lance PCH 150 Reviewed by

David Harrington at reviewed the all new 2014 Lance PCH 150, below are the qutoes for the 2014 PCH 150...


Lance Introduces the New 2014 Lance 150 Models

Lance introduces the debut of the new generation of Lance 150cc models, including the all-new 2014 PCH 150, Havana Classic 150 and Cali Classic 150.


Watch the new PCH video in HD

Lance Powersports today released the new HD video for the brand new 2013 PCH.


Debut of Next-Generation Lance 50cc Models

Lance introduces the world debut of the new generation of Lance 50cc models, including the all-new 2014 PCH 50 and Havana Classic 50 models; and 2014 Cali Classic 50.


Announcing the all new 2013 PCH Models

Today Lance Powersports announcing the all new release of the 2013 PCH 125 and PCH 50. Lance introduced a number of terrific new bikes since 2010, and now we're carrying that momentum forward with even more innovative models that cast a fresh take on riding. The new PCH 125 and 50 models are not only exciting in concept, attention-grabbing in looks and fun to ride, but they will bring great value for the money.


Watch Cali Classic featured in independent short film - "Me You & The Road"

Watch the Cali Classic featured in Me You & The Road - a C&I Studios production.

Me, You, & The Road, slated to film August 26th through September 4th, 2011, is a story about two twenty-somethings who sell all of their possessions to travel cross country on scooters. The film is written, directed and produced, by C&I Studios, a non-profit media company based in South Florida.


Watch the new Cali Classic 125 video in HD

Lance Powersports today released the new HD video for the brand new 2013 Cali Classic 125.


Watch the new Havana Classic 125 video in HD

Lance Powersports today released the new HD video for the brand new 2013 Havana Classic 125.

To watch the video, please click the link:


Cali Classic 125 Features in Barter Kings on A&E

Did you get a chance to see the 2013 Butterscotch Yellow Cali Classic in Barter Kings on A&E? Click the lnik below if you missed the show.


New Lance Warranty Increase to 24 Months, on All 2013 Models and Newer.

We are proud to announce that effective July 1, 2012, all Lance motor vehicle warranty, with 2013 or newer VIN/Model year will be increased to 24 Months Limited, parts and labor included.


"Top Notch Quality!" - Cali Classic 125 Review

The Cali Classic 125 has the best fit and finish of any Honda Joker clone I have seen. The body panels are perfectly aligned and the quality of assembly is top notch....


Send us a photo of your Lance! - Share Your Love Photo Contest

Send us a photo of you and your Lance scooter to enter in our photo contest. This is a fun contest to to give our owners an opportunity to show your ride and help build an Owner's Photo Album...


New SYM Distributor - Alliance Powersports

We are proud to to announce, Alliance Powersports, sister company to Lance Powersports is the new SYM Distributor.

Alliance is proud to have the opportunity to represent SYM in the US and privileged to serve your needs. Customer and dealer support is our top priority and we are focused and determined to restore immediate support.